According to a 2014 study, a 'home practice of yoga predicted health better than years of practice or class frequency'. 

YogaHara at Home

YogaHara at Home (YAH) is your one stop home yoga practice program. 

It is specifically tailored for people wanting to establish, or maintain a simple, nourishing home yoga practice. The thing about practicing at home is that you can do what you want, at your own pace, for as long as you like. There is a greater opportunity for deepening your understanding of yourself and the way you are in the world. 

YAH will provide you with the tools to begin or to support your own daily practice. The practices are real, accessible and easily adapted to your needs. There will be a couple of longer practices but most are around 10-20 minutes and the advantage is that you can do as much or as little as you like depending on what you are realistically able to put aside in your day. 

Why Practice Yoga at Home

According to a 2014 study, a 'home practice of yoga predicted health better than years of practice or class frequency'.  'Researchers at the University of Maryland and the National Institutes of Health found that those yoga students who practiced at home reported more positive mindfulness, subjective well-being, BMI, fruit and vegetable consumption, vegetarian status, sleep, and fatigue.'

"If you are taking yoga classes but not practicing at home, you may be missing the best—and potentially most therapeutic—part of yoga. Your personal practice is where the deepest work happens, when you go inward and go at your own pace."—Timothy McCall from Yoga As Medicine

In my experience, a home yoga practice is the foundation of my day. It is where I explore how I am each day - body, emotions, mind - where I set my intentions and where I spend a few moments with myself checking in. It has been the difference between having an exercise program and a Yoga practice.

How Does YAH Work

Most of the practices are short 10-20 minutes practices that you can easily do first thing in the morning, when you get home from work, or before bed. There is a variety of practices including asana, meditation, pranayama, relaxation and talks, plus there are also a few longer practices for those days when you have a bit more time. They are simple and achievable. All the classes and offerings will be via live videos through a private, secret Facebook group. As long as you have access to Facebook, you will be able to logon and follow along from wherever you are. The videos are recorded by me (Gina), live on my phone, the quality is pretty good (technology is amazing) but keep in mind they are not professional videos. Just me, sharing what I love, in the most cost effective and easiest way I can.

You can watch the classes live, or later. Over time our catalogue of classes and practices will begin to grow, widening your options and choices.

YogaHara will add at least one new class every week. You can watch  that class live as it is recorded or watch it at any time in the future, as many times as you like.


There are 3 pricing options to join YAH:

12 month subscription for $104 (52 weeks at $2 per week)
6 month subscription for $78 (26 weeks at $3 per week)
3 month subscription for $52 (13 weeks at $4 per week)
2 week subscription for $25 (perfect for the school holidays)


To register for the program please read the conditions below then click the register button which will take you to the YogaHara booking platform. Once you have made your payment, search for the ‘YogaHara at Home’ Facebook group and request to join. You will be asked to confirm your subscription and the date paid.


  • Access to the program is via Facebook only

  • You will need an internet connection to access Facebook

  • The videos are not downloadable, they are only viewable on Facebook

  • You must register for the program using your own Facebook login

  • The fee is not refundable

  • YogaHara is not responsible for your ability to access Facebook

  • You can join the program at anytime and your subscription will last for 2 weeks, 3, 6 or 12 months.

  • Your subscription will not automatically renew, you will get a reminder just before your subscription expires inviting you to renew if you want to.

  • You will be removed from the group if you decide not to renew.

  • Sorry if you don't do Facebook.


You are responsible for your own ability to participate. The practice of Ahimsa is essential in any yoga practice. Please always listen to your own body's needs above that of any instructor in this program or any other. By registering and participating in this program you are acknowledging that you are well enough to practice yoga. Please seek your doctor's approval before beginning if this is in doubt. By registering you accept that neither YogaHara nor the instructor is liable for any injury or damages to you or your property resulting from participating in this program.


"I used the YAH subscription to establish a morning practice, which I’ve done ... the program was fantastic for this – both to help a night owl become a bit more morning oriented in my own home (ie the YAH meant I could tune in when and where I wanted to), and also to have a dedicated practice that was perfect for what I wanted to do (the cup of tea meditation)." -- Dannielle

"The whole family is loving YogaHara at home. I have been choosing a practice for the week and find repeating it allows a deeper practice as the week progresses. This week is a combination of 3 shorter practices. Vinyasa, sun salutes and a balance. The Balance one is amazing. Leading in slowly. No wonder my tree used to topple over as I was like a bull at a gate." -- Sandy

"Gina, Just wanted you to know that I love YogaHara@Home. Whilst I also love your classes, my life sometimes makes attending a bit erratic but with YogaHara@Home, you're always there supporting me in the privacy of my home. It really does feel like I'm in a class with you leading. With the variety of themes, there's always a perfect one to suit my day. With love." -- Larrie